British Judge Declares ISIS Bomb Caused Grenfell Tower Fire.

The judge is a very brave man for coming out and stating the obvious and it does go to show that not all of those that hold high positions are not afraid of telling the truth. Just how long it will be before Judge Michael Shrimpton is taken for a car ride on a one way journey by the Secret Service is anyone’s guess, but already the government have ordered a total media blackout on what really happened.

The Mayor of London, terrorist sympathizer Sadiq Khan, who has links to terrorist groups such as Isis, the Taliban and others, will have known who was behind the bombing of Grenfell Tower block, but of course nothing will be said and a very lame excuse will be used in the end to what started the fire.

I don’t believe for one minuet Judge Shrimpton will have just blurted out that it was terrorists that caused the Grenfell fire if he didn’t know for sure and when you think of it, Isis is the cause of 500 plus deaths, most of them their own people who are Muslims and the government are trying to say it was a fridge that blew up. Bollocks.

A British judge says the Greenfieldw Towsyer fire was started by an ISIS bomb factory. The British judge has revealed that the Grenfell Tower fire was started by explosives that were being improperly stored in an “ISIS bomb factory” within the tower block.

british judge says the grenfell tower fire was started by an isis bomb factoryAccording to Michael Shrimpton, an Islamic State terrorist cell was operating in the building and was plotting an attack on the Queen’s Trooping The Colour parade on Saturday, June 17 in London.The tragedy is now believed to have cost the lives of over 500 people yet the mainstream media and UK Government are playing down the true death toll by stating that 80 are presumed dead.

Local suspicion that the actual number could much higher than the official figure is fuelling accusations of a cover-up.The West London estate was run by a tenants-controlled organization, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is controlled from the Cabinet Office, not the town hall, which has led many to blame “Tory cuts” for the disaster.

Veterans Today reports: A fridge is being blamed. The police, of course, are gleefully blaming it on a British-made fridge, a Hotpoint FF175BP, which allegedly caught fire in a flat on the 5th floor (US numbering). Our police, who are also controlled from the Cabinet Office, sadly lack patriotism and would never pass up on an opportunity to damage the good name of a British company.The media are lapping up the police’s silly fridge story, without stopping to ask themselves how an electrical fire in a fridge-freezer could possibly burn down an entire 24-storey block of flats. The police are also sitting on the casualty figure, to the point where their figure of 79 is being treated with open contempt.Some of the smarter journalists, smart at any rate by comparison to the rest of their profession, are querying why Hotpoint are not recalling all the 60,000 or so FF175BP fridge-freezers out there. The answer is obvious – there never was a problem with the fridge, thus there is no need for a recall.More to the point recalls cost money. The police are frantically trying to keep Hotpoint engineers away from the fridge in question. No British manufacturer would commit shareholder funds to an expensive recall on the say-so of the sleaziest police force in the UK, no offense to the Metropolitan Police intended. The Police are obviously engaged in a cover-up. They are running away from the truth.In the meantime, there are panic evacuations of tower-blocks in London, which cannot be justified solely by the fire-hazard, not least with 24/7 fire marshals.


british judge michael shrimpton says the grenfell tower fire was stated by an isis bombThere’s something more here than an ordinary fire hazard. British Judge Michael Shrimpton(above) says the Grenfell Tower fire was stated by an ISIS bomb.

The Bomb Factory.

The awful truth, awful at any rate for the Cabinet Office and the rozzers, is that there was an ISIS cell in Grenfell Tower, running a bomb factory. My analysis is that TATP was being stored in the freezer compartment, which failed in response to the heat generated. TATP generates a lot of heat and needs to be kept cool.Unlike 7/7 there were no convenient commercial premises with industrial cooling equipment. A domestic fridge-freezer simply would not be up to the job.

There’s no point in ISIS sending in a complaint to Hotpoint. I’m sure that Hotpoint would say that their domestic fridges are not designed to store high explosives! TATP is more unstable than nitro-glycerine. It will cook off with even a slight rise in temperature. Being difficult to store, it also needs to be mixed close to the point of use. One consequence of that is that terrorist cells will have little experience in storing it.Terrorists also tend not to be the sharpest knives in the box.

ISIS is controlled from Dachau. The actual terrorists are seen as cannon-fodder. As on 7/7, 21/7 and at Manchester Arena GO2, the DVD’s London operation, are not above rigging the timers so that the terrorists manage to blow themselves up.The Police are well aware that the 7/7 and Manchester terrorists were not suicide bombers. They have engaged in a sustained campaign of deception over 12 years, but with Grenfell Tower, it’s threatening to blow up in their faces.Whilst the judge-led inquiry will be a Piper Alpha style musical comedy proceeding, the explosive (no pun intended) growth in social media since 2005 means that it’s becoming more difficult for the Police and the Cabinet Office to suppress the truth.

What was the target?

You don’t want to transport TATP very far, not unless you’re a very silly terrorist, and ISIS’s targets in the UK are assigned by GO2 in any event. We are therefore probably looking at a target in or near London. You also want to leave mixing your TATP as late as possible.This suggests targeting an event no later than last weekend. Best guess is Trooping The Colour. They wouldn’t have got close to HM the Queen, thank God, but they might have blown up a number of Her loyal subjects. Terrorists are cowards, so they would have been looking to murder unarmed civilians, preferably women and children, as at Manchester.



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