Is Jesus Christ an anti-Muslim ‘hate crime?’

Muslims are the enemy of Christ and the enemy of all Christians. Muslims have come to wipe out all the Christian countries and to also wipe out the Jews. The Koran tells Muslims to go  in to countries and make them their own. For instance, when the Muslims came to England, they claimed England as their own country and that is what they have done in every country they have invaded.

It is time Christians stood up together the world over like never before, to show these Muslims that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life, who rose again on the 3rd day and he will return again.

Muslims worship in some way or other a dead peadophile named Mohammed who married a 6 year old baby girl and had intercourse with her when she turned 9 years old, but those 3 years leading up to his child bride becoming 9 years, he could touch her and do what every he wanted to with her.

Mohammed has written in the Koran that all Muslims can rape all none Muslim women. Mohammed has also written that all Muslim men can marry 6 year old children and they can also have four wives. Mohammed would look at all young none Muslim boys to check for pubic hair, all the young boys that had just started puberty were beheaded or hung.

It is said that Mohammed made up the name of Allah, so Mohammed could get away with any perversion he had. It took Mohammed a very long time before he could talk the people round to thinking his way. He was a dirty evil pervert who died of dysentery, who never rose again. Muslims now worship a dead person who can neither help them or hear them.

Jesus is the only way. He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

In the aftermath of an anonymous donor placing a picture of the crucifixion on a fence outside a mosque in New Hyde Park, New York, police reportedly want to identify the ‘gift’ as an ‘anti-Muslim bias incident’ against Muslims.

PIX11  (h/t Emma) A worker at the Hillside Islamic Center found the artwork at around 5:30 p.m. on Friday. He immediately phoned the police.

Surveillance video captured a frame-by-frame account of the alleged criminal act. The candid camera reportedly shows a man leaning the picture of the crucifixion against a fence, and then making his escape by walking away.

A member of the Islamic Center who said the person or people who did this may not understand what Jesus means to Muslims. “As a Muslim, I love Jesus. We are told to love Jesus. He actually is a prophet of ours. And a lot of people don’t know this but he’s also our messiah,”​ Islamic Center member Eydid Ali said.

Designated terrorist group CAIR called on the person who left the painting at the mosque to learn what Muslims actually believe. (See second video)

Muslims are quick to point out that they believe in Jesus. However, they only claim to believe in Jesus because their prophet Mohammed totally rewrote the history of Jesus to portray him as a Muslim.

Author: redwhiteandbluesite

Red White And Blue is a patriot site for patriots everywhere. For to long now the government and the media have been brainwashing the public and feeding then lies day in and day out. People are now starting to wake up, but time is getting very short. In England alone, the English are now the minority in their own country. Muslims are taking over everywhere and the government are allowing them to take us over. The Labour party started the ball rolling in the 1980's when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said England is to White and today in 2017, there are more Mosques than Churches, there are over 85 Sharia law courts and Muslims will have taken over Great Britain within the next ten to fifteen years from now. Everything posted on this site is the whole truth, we have nothing to gain by telling lies to anyone, that's the governments and the medias job. This site will bring news from all over the world,we will show you that Islam is the most evil none religion on earth. So check out the blog for yourselves and you will begin to see it is not the powers that be that are on your side, but it is people like us that are fighting for our children's future and the future of everyone that will listen to the truth.

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