UK: Police stop and search Muslim for “wearing too many clothes while Muslim”

According to the unnamed Muslim man’s statement, “I was rushing to Friday prayers and when I got near to the mosque, all of a sudden the police stop me, put me in handcuffs, and search my body. The female undercover police officer said I was wearing too many clothes for this weather. When they found nothing, they took my name, date of birth, address, and then let me go.”

he six-minute clip, captioned “#WearingClothesWhileMuslim, has so-far garnered 5.6 million views and been shared more than 77,000 times. Many in the UK have expressed anger at what they saw as unfair police treatment of this man because of his religion and appearance. (Hey, Muslims, you have only yourselves to thank for this)

One man wrote on Facebook “Where are we going to with this hatred? It is disintegeration, isolation, radicalisation, discrimination, stereotyping, racial, and targetting [sic]. (Where are we going to with all these illiterate Muslims?) Another asked “What exactly is right about racial profiling (What “race’ is Islam?) and discrimination of this sort?” (Keeping non-Muslims safe?)

Latif Yahia, Iraqi-born author and supposed body-double of Saddam Hussein’s son, wrote on his Facebook page that this was “The real face of Great Britain!! Stopping a #Muslim in the middle of the streets of #London after a woman complained about him because he was wearing too many clothes??” “Right now in the West if you want to make a case against a person you only have to say that he is #Arab or Muslim and the charge of #Terrorism will come automatically…” he continued. (If the shoebomb fits…)

Author: redwhiteandbluesite

Red White And Blue is a patriot site for patriots everywhere. For to long now the government and the media have been brainwashing the public and feeding then lies day in and day out. People are now starting to wake up, but time is getting very short. In England alone, the English are now the minority in their own country. Muslims are taking over everywhere and the government are allowing them to take us over. The Labour party started the ball rolling in the 1980's when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said England is to White and today in 2017, there are more Mosques than Churches, there are over 85 Sharia law courts and Muslims will have taken over Great Britain within the next ten to fifteen years from now. Everything posted on this site is the whole truth, we have nothing to gain by telling lies to anyone, that's the governments and the medias job. This site will bring news from all over the world,we will show you that Islam is the most evil none religion on earth. So check out the blog for yourselves and you will begin to see it is not the powers that be that are on your side, but it is people like us that are fighting for our children's future and the future of everyone that will listen to the truth.

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