ISRAEL: New law denies medical services to illegal alien African Muslim invaders in an effort to get them to leave.


The new Israeli amendment “will affect asylum seekers’ food security and ability to afford medical treatment.” The amendment, known as the Deposit Law, “forms part of a wider strategy by the Israeli government to make the lives of asylum seekers increasingly difficult, so as to coerce them to leave Israel ‘voluntarily’ and go home,” according to the Physicians for Human Rights.

Asylum seekers in Israel are already not included under the National Health Insurance Act and therefore enjoy very limited access to the public health care services. With the new law in effect, most of PHR’s patients will suddenly find themselves deprived of adequate funds and unable to pay even for such tests, let alone for more expensive but necessary treatments,” the report continued.

“Additionally, the dramatic decrease in their income will also immediately affect their food security and endanger their ability to pay the rent.

Times of Israel  Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar echoed the Foreign Ministry’s position, highlighting what he said was the danger of granting blanket approval of immigration from Africa and the effectiveness of deportation efforts in recent months.

He said there were “tens of millions” of would-be economic migrants in Africa ‘looking to get out” and that Israel was on the “front line” of the struggle. “The state cannot display weakness,” Sa’ar said. “In Africa, there are tens of millions of people seeking asylum in Western countries. Since we are the only country with a land border with Africa, the potential for entry is immense.

Even if they were genuine refugees, asked Sa’ar, “why do they have to be in Tel Aviv? And why do we have to provide them with jobs.” He then stressed, again, that Israel does not believe most of those seeking asylum are genuine refugees.

Middle East Monitor There are 57 Muslim countries in the world. So why does it fall on a tiny country like Israel to have to take in tens of thousands of African Muslim invaders? Most of these refugees go right through Egypt on their way to Israel. No more.

Thousands of African asylum seekers protest outside US Embassy in TelAviv

Last year, Likud Knesset Member Miri Regev described African Muslim invaders as a “cancer” in the state, accusing them of being behind the fear and lack of personal security in Tel Aviv neighborhoods.

In just 3 years, Southern Tel Aviv Israeli residents have had to endure:

* 50 – 60,000 African Muslim infiltrators

* Israeli women unable to go to the market without being robbed

* Africans taking jobs from young Israelis

* Little girls can no longer play outside because of the danger from Muslim men

* Rape rates among Israeli women and girls are soaring as never before

Tens of thousands of African Muslim invaders slammed the Israeli government’s long-term detention of illegal aliens

Israelis in Southern Tel Aviv are fed up with bearing the brunt of this African infiltration, made worse when the more affluent Israelis from the North come down and tell them they should welcome the Africans.

Bleeding heart Leftist Israelis come bearing signs to stir things up in Southern Tel Aviv:

Israeli bleeding heart who supported the African infiltrators flooding Southern Tel Aviv, suddenly changes his mind after he became a victim of them.

Jewish Press Left Wing Israeli Journalist, Guy Maroz (right), slammed right-wing MKs for wanting to deport or create internment camps for these African Muslim welfare weekers.

He was among the most vocal activists demanding that Israel not deport these illegals who have swarmed in by the tens of thousands, causing crime and rape rates to soar. Until it hit home for him. He got mugged by one of the invaders.

In a heartfelt letter to Israel’s Prime Minister via an opinion piece in NRG/Maariv, Maroz begs PM Netanyahu to take action against the surge of illegals:

“The writer of these lines, and his wife were among the most strident activists against the expulsion of the the children of [illegal African] foreign workers. That is why I permit myself to scream today, “No More. No more flooding of the streets and lives of Israel’s poorest citizens [South Tel Aviv].

This week a friend hesitantly told me, and she is one of the most enlightened and liberal people I know, ‘they have also come to us, to Hod Hasharon.”

And they have arrived here as well.”

Israel has been under attack by the onslaught of illegal immigrants from Africa and over the past few months there has been an unbearable rise of crime —brutal rapes and assaults of teenagers and women in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netivot, Lod, Netanya, Eilat, Or Akiva, Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer, and more.

These illegal aliens are being deemed as “refugees” by all sorts of “aid groups” in Israel, who vocally protest all government actions to evict these illegals — estimates ranging from 90,000 to 700,000. Many of the same “social justice” advocates who demand a better quality of life for Israel’s lower and middle class, are also demanding equal rights for these thousands of illegals as well.

These left wing “activists” live in fiscal fantasyland.

Unlike the European Union, no one will bail out Israel’s fledgling economy if we over-spend. No one will come to our fiscal rescue if we go bankrupt providing services and social benefits to the tens of thousands of migrant workers who have illegally infiltrated Israel. We’re on our own, and our first responsibility is to ourselves.

Despite the ongoing rabble from the “refugee aid groups” who routinely pine on the Israeli guilty conscience that “we too were refugees, and its our responsibility to accept these illegal Africans,” 99% of these refugees are NOT legally considered refugees. Less than a few dozen have actually fled their countries due to political or military persecution and have directly entered Israel. They have all entered Israel via Egypt, via Libya, and via other countries.

Once the refugee left their country where they were persecuted and entered another country where the threat of persecution ended, they are no longer refugees from their country of origin. As they continue their trek to Israel via other countries, they are no longer in search of protection, rather in search of opportunity and jobs. Entering Israel via Egypt they are here in the quest of economic opportunity and the benefits which Israel’s left are more than happy to offer.

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