Europe. Great Britain and soon to be America. Canada, Australia. New Zealand and all the West will be infested with Muslims and there is no stopping it. Once upon a time Paris was the Romantic Capitol of the world. Men from all over the world have taken their girlfriends to Paris just to propose marriage from the top of the Eiffel Tower or over dinner while cruising down the Seine.

But alas, the romance of Paris is now long gone, no longer do lovers go to that once romantic country to propose, because the romance has been taken out of Paris by the invasion of Muslims from Somalia, Pakistan. Iran. Iraq and Syria. Muslims in France have already threatened to blow up the Eiffel Tower and even the Louvre. The French people are no longer safe in their own country. Every day in France women and teenagers are raped, cars are set of fire. Blacks have been rampaging through France with a total blackout from the media. French children are being beaten up in the schools, even teachers have been attacked by Muslim children.

The French people are suffering, but they do nothing. Thousands of Muslims stop in the streets to lift their asses to Mohammed in prayer. France has become a third world shit hole, but the French had a chance to reverse all of this. The French people could have voted for Marion Le Pen at the elections, if that had happened. then Le Pen would have evicted thousands of Muslims. Muslims praying in the streets would have been banned. No longer would Muslims dictate what food the children could eat in the schools, pork would have been put back on the menus. No longer would Muslim women be walking in the streets with their faces covered up, also Muslims that are born in France would still be evicted if they committed a crime, they would be sent to the place of their origin. But the French voted for Macron, who is a Muslim lover. Just how stupid can the French people get.

The French people had just one chance to take back their country and they blew it. They have now handed their country over to the Muslims, they have destroyed any chances for their children to have a future, they have done what the rest of Europe have done, they have done what Great Britain have done and now Europe is finished. Great Britain is finished. America,Canada. Australia. New Zealand and all the West is finished. Muslims are taking over everywhere and the governments have let it happen. It is now up to the people to make a stand, because if they don’t, then the children will grow up under Sharia law and they will suffer a living hell.

Is it Islamabad? Mogadishu? Khartoum? Cairo? No…it’s Paris…yes, PARIS!

Author: redwhiteandbluesite

Red White And Blue is a patriot site for patriots everywhere. For to long now the government and the media have been brainwashing the public and feeding then lies day in and day out. People are now starting to wake up, but time is getting very short. In England alone, the English are now the minority in their own country. Muslims are taking over everywhere and the government are allowing them to take us over. The Labour party started the ball rolling in the 1980's when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said England is to White and today in 2017, there are more Mosques than Churches, there are over 85 Sharia law courts and Muslims will have taken over Great Britain within the next ten to fifteen years from now. Everything posted on this site is the whole truth, we have nothing to gain by telling lies to anyone, that's the governments and the medias job. This site will bring news from all over the world,we will show you that Islam is the most evil none religion on earth. So check out the blog for yourselves and you will begin to see it is not the powers that be that are on your side, but it is people like us that are fighting for our children's future and the future of everyone that will listen to the truth.

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