CANADA: Angry mother at clinic demands to see a “white doctor who speaks English and doesn’t have brown teeth”

Only near the end of the video do we learn that she doesn’t want her son to be seen by a “Paki” (Pakistani Muslim) doctor, when one of the staff says: “You are extemely rude and racist. You want to to talk about “Paki” people being in a hospital?”

CBC  The woman – who claims her son has chest pains – loudly tells the clinic staff: “I already saw a (Paki) doctor who was not white and did not help my kid.

Increasingly agitated, the own says: “You’re telling me there isn’t one white doctor in this whole entire building? “Oh my God, what type of horrible country do I live in? “Being white in this country I should just shoot myself.”

No surprise, people are quick to blame this incident on Donald Trump. Cheryl Teelucksingh, a sociology professor said, “Some people are pointing to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump making people feel more comfortable saying things they normally wouldn’t.

MORAL OF THE STORY: This is what Obama tried to impose with Obamacare. Countries that offer “free healthcare for everyone” force hospitals and clinics to hire more doctors. But to keep personnel costs down, they hire cheaper doctors from third world countries, many of who are Paki Muslims. As a result, the quality of care you get goes way down.

I take my hat off to this White women for making a stand and demanding to see a White Doctor. It is the same in every country now, it is very rare that anyone gets to be seen by someone White and it is wrong. I will never forget when i was eleven years old, i fell playing football and hurt my foot, it was very painful, so i went to the hospital with my Mum (Mom) the Dr i saw was a Pakistani, he took hold of my foot and twisted it left and right and said does this hurt. My Mum went mad at him, i was in pain so bad, i went for an X ray and i had a fracture and ended up with my foot in plaster, the thing is, did i fracture my foot playing football, or was it the Pakistani Dr who did it by twisting my foot around.

We all need to be like this women who made a stand to see a White Dr and it is time the governments from the West, started to train up more White Drs, instead of importing Drs from Pakistan, who don’t have a bloody clue what they are doing. The governments bring them over because they are cheaper, they are on less money than the Drs in the West they take a massive pay cut just to be here and that is why there are so many of them.

Author: redwhiteandbluesite

Red White And Blue is a patriot site for patriots everywhere. For to long now the government and the media have been brainwashing the public and feeding then lies day in and day out. People are now starting to wake up, but time is getting very short. In England alone, the English are now the minority in their own country. Muslims are taking over everywhere and the government are allowing them to take us over. The Labour party started the ball rolling in the 1980's when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said England is to White and today in 2017, there are more Mosques than Churches, there are over 85 Sharia law courts and Muslims will have taken over Great Britain within the next ten to fifteen years from now. Everything posted on this site is the whole truth, we have nothing to gain by telling lies to anyone, that's the governments and the medias job. This site will bring news from all over the world,we will show you that Islam is the most evil none religion on earth. So check out the blog for yourselves and you will begin to see it is not the powers that be that are on your side, but it is people like us that are fighting for our children's future and the future of everyone that will listen to the truth.

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