Blackpool. Fish and Chip Shops. Cafes and Restaurants Are Now Halal

In Blackpool most of the Chip shops. Cafes and Restaurants are Halal, including Subway and McDonald’s.

Here are just a few pictures taken from on the sea front of Blackpool.

The owners of all the food outlets no longer put in the windows or on the signs Halal, because the public know what Halal is, so they took away the Halal and they replaced it with a logo, which you can see above above all the shops. The first picture bottom left hand corner, you will see the halal logo, the center picture in the bottom right hand corner, is the halal logo and the logo is on the top right hand side of the poster.


Even the Kensington Hotel is serving up Halal to the guests. The Regency Holiday Apartments is owned by immigrants and the brand knew Seaside Kitchen Cafe is owned by the people that own the Regency, notice the Halal logo above the letter E of Seaside. The Logo means Halal, the sign is everywhere, everything you eat is Halal. For the few that don’t know what halal is, the animals are slaughtered in the most barbaric way. In one video, the animals were kicked and punched, some were stabbed for fun, one cow was stabbed in the eye, before they are hung upside down and then their throat s slit, the animals are wide awake so they thrust about, this helps to drain all the blood for the animal, because Muslims can not eat meat if blood is still in the animal.


Subway and McDonald’s are also Halal, but McDonald’s will try to hide it from you. All Pizza outlets are halal, meals served in Pubs are halal, school dinners are halal and most butchers now sell only halal. Kentucky Fried Chicken is halal. If Muslims are the minority, then why is everything halal, it is because Muslims are now the majority and they are fast taking over everywhere.


Author: redwhiteandbluesite

Red White And Blue is a patriot site for patriots everywhere. For to long now the government and the media have been brainwashing the public and feeding then lies day in and day out. People are now starting to wake up, but time is getting very short. In England alone, the English are now the minority in their own country. Muslims are taking over everywhere and the government are allowing them to take us over. The Labour party started the ball rolling in the 1980's when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said England is to White and today in 2017, there are more Mosques than Churches, there are over 85 Sharia law courts and Muslims will have taken over Great Britain within the next ten to fifteen years from now. Everything posted on this site is the whole truth, we have nothing to gain by telling lies to anyone, that's the governments and the medias job. This site will bring news from all over the world,we will show you that Islam is the most evil none religion on earth. So check out the blog for yourselves and you will begin to see it is not the powers that be that are on your side, but it is people like us that are fighting for our children's future and the future of everyone that will listen to the truth.

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