FRANCE: White van slams into two different bus shelters, kills one woman, injures several in Marseilles.


Islamic State (ISIS) supporters are celebrating after a woman was killed and several injured when a van ploughed into two bus shelters in Marseille this morning. Police say motive unknown and don’t think it is terrorism, but rather  “mental issues.” (Islam IS a mental disorder)

Express  Supporters of the death cult took to Twitter to claim credit for the incident. Two separate crashes occurred this morning in two locations in the French city, with police arresting a man after the second, fatal, collision.

While police said the 35-year-old suspect had “psychological issues”, ISIS supporters have taken to social media to celebrate this morning’s events.  One message hailed the crash as a “lion attack”, while another said “the war has just begun”.

One woman has died and several were injured when two separate bus shelters were rammed this morning.

Police advised the public to avoid the Old Port area where the driver, a 35-year-old man, was arrested. An official said: “At the moment we have no information on the motives of this individual.” They later said the man was known to police for minor crimes. They described him as having “psychological issues”.

The driver first hit a bus shelter around 8:15 am local time (0615 BST) in the 11th arrondissement – or district – in the northern part of the city. Around an hour later a second bus shelter was rammed in the 13th arrondissement.

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