GOOD NEWS from the UK: 5-year-old Christian girl placed with two Muslim foster families has been reunited with her own relatives.


After news went viral about a five-year-old Christian girl who had been taken from her family against their wishes and placed in the virtual ‘No Go Zone’ of Tower Hamlets with two different Muslim families who spoke virtually no English and tried to strip her of her Christian identity, she is finally back with members of her own family.

The SUN (h/t Liz)  The Christian girl who was placed in the care of Muslim foster parents who sparked outrage by taking away her crucifix and forcing her to learn Arabic was returned to her family yesterday. The five-year-old was reunited with her grandmother after a Muslim judge insisted children needed “culturally matched placements.”

After the hearing at East London family court, the girl’s relatives were said to be hugely relieved to have her back with them. She had been taken from her family and placed in the care of two Muslim homes in London for six months by Tower Hamlets council.

The girl is said to have told her mother that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic”. In the reports, a social services worker described the girl as being “very distressed”. It is understood she was not allowed to eat her favorite food, pasta carbonara, because it contained bacon.

The Times reports Judge Khatun Sapnara ruled it was in the child’s best interests to live with a family member who will meet her needs “in terms of ethnicity, culture and religion”. She also ordered Tower Hamlets council in East London to conduct an urgent investigation into the case, which she called “very concerning” and a matter of legitimate public interest.

ORIGINAL STORY: Five-year-old Christian child was taken from her family and forced to live in TWO Muslim foster homes where no English was spoken and her crucifix was taken away from her

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