A Muslim was arrested for attempted murder in central Stockholm this morning after a police officer was stabbed in the neck while on patrol, the second attack against police in the city in a matter of hours. The PC media have chosen to blur the face of the Muslim terrorist suspect. 

Breitbart  The incident took place on the Medborgarplatsen on Södermalm, one of the Islands that makes up the historic center of the city. Police have said it is too soon to talk about possible motives for the “unprovoked” attack, but Nyheter Idag reports a “well-established police source” that the would-be killer was a Moroccan youth.

A number of police patrols have been deployed to the city center, reportsSwedish newspaper Expressen, and the city center including a local school was locked down.

“It seems to be a completely unprovoked attack”, Stockholm Police spokesman Lars Byström said. Bystanders reportedly saw a man approaching the officer from behind and lunging at his neck near Bjorn’s Garden. Police inspector Ronnie Tellberger said the officer was stabbed more than once in the back and neck.

While the officer was conscious and able to sit up on his own as the ambulance arrived. He was discharged from the hospital Thursday afternoon having sustained only minor injuries.

The attack comes just hours after Swedish police were the subject of another potentially deadly (Muslim?) attack today, again in Stockholm. Officers were called to a bogus burglar alarm in a suburb south of the city, and upon arriving instead of finding a householder in distress, their car was pelted with heavy stones from a 10th floor flat in a tower block.

One of the officers, a police dog handler came close to being killed when his vehicle was struck, reports Expressen. Police were able to raid the apartment and arrested one for attempted murder, but a second suspect remains on the run.

The square had recently hit the news as it was the site of a demonstration by migrants protesting against the Swedish migration board’s deportations to Afghanistan, as reportedby Sweden’s Metro. It is reported the police were in the square because they were providing security cover to the ongoing demonstration.