Police find 35 Muslim men crammed into north-west London home which has wall-to-wall mattresses in every room.


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Police found 35 Muslim men crammed into a three-bedroom north-west London house which had wall-to-wall mattresses in almost every room.

Eight men were found sleeping in one room, and mattresses were found in the kitchen and back garden at the property in Brent.

Council officers and police have launched an investigation into the landlord of the unlicensed shared home.

The discovery came as part of a dawn raid by officers following complaints of overcrowding and anti-social behavior on Tuesday.

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Images from the raid show a large number of shoes in the hallway and mattresses completely covering the floor.

A Brent Council spokeswoman said the tenants were not evicted from the property and may remain there throughout the investigation.

Cllr Harbi Farah, cabinet member for housing and welfare reform at the local authority, said the landlord was “exploiting people who can least afford it.”

She added: “It’s a shameful practice and this is an especially shocking example. Any landlord treating their tenants unfairly should be in notice – we’re coming for you.”

The authority said it voted in new civil penalty measures to fine rogue landlords up to £30,000 for housing law breaches, such as renting out unlicensed properties.


MALAYSIA cancels annual Beer Festival because it is offensive to Muslims.


Can Germany be far behind? An annual beer festival held in Malaysia has been canceled following protests by Muslims and security concerns about potential Islamic terrorist attacks at the festival.

Reuters  Malaysian authorities scrapped an annual beer festival on Monday after an Islamist party objected to the event that had been planned for the first weekend of October in the country’s capital. Organizers of the event, MyBeer, say the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) rejected their application for a permit over the festival’s “political sensitivity” and “terrorism concerns.”

Though there are plenty of beer drinkers among the sizable Chinese and Indian minorities, protests against events deemed to be “western” and unIslamic – such as concerts and festivals involving alcohol – are common in Muslim-majority Malaysia and are usually led by the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS).

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) said in a short statement on Monday that it has rejected the application for a permit by the organizers of the “Better Beer Festival 2017” to host the event, which would have entered its sixth year. A member of PAS’ central committee, Riduan Mohd Nor, said in a statement on Sept. 10 that there is no guarantee that such events would not lead to criminal acts, rape and free sex.

The festival, which would have taken place from October 6-7, was expected to draw some 6,000 participants, and would have featured over 250 craft beers from 43 independent brewers spanning 12 countries,” reports Newsweek. The Telegraph notes the cancellation of the beer festival is the “latest sign of creeping sharia in Malaysia, where about 60% of more than 30 million inhabitants are Muslim.”

ISRAEL, on the other hand, holds its Beer Festival on the site of an old Muslim cemetery.

In Germany, the wildly popular annual beer festival, Oktoberfest, is at risk of cancellation. Attendance numbers have been reduced by half ever since the Muslim invasion has spiked fears of Islamic terrorist attacks at locations with large gatherings of people.

CANADA: MUSLIM bus driver has been fired after allegedly sexually assaulting and molesting a disabled a 15-year-old Canadian girl.


A 62-year-old Richmond Hill MUSLIM bus driver, Hamid Mohaghegh Montazeri, has been fired after being charged in connection with the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl with a disability.

CP24  (h/t Stinder) A photo of the accused – identified as Richmond Hill resident, Hamid Mohaghegh Montazeri (below), has been released as investigators are asking the public to come forward with any information they may have. Montazeri has been charged with sexual assault, sexual interference and touching of a person under 16 years old and sexual exploitation of a person with a disability.

Following this report, officers went to a residence in the area of Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road and a suspect was then arrested and charged in connection with the incident. According to investigators, the suspect has been operating a school bus for the past five years and most recently he has been working for Stock Transportation – a bus company that covers both public and catholic boards across Canada.

Police did not identify which school the bus driver worked at but noted that St. Theresa of Lisieux Catholic High School and Alexander Mackenzie High School are “both nearby.”

Speaking with CTV News Toronto, CEO Terri Lowe of Stock Transportation said the bus driver had been terminated on Friday. “We are disturbed by the allegations and have terminated the driver,” Lowe said. “We are fully cooperating with authorities in their investigation.”

Get used to it, Canada, this the result of Trudeau’s Muslim immigration open door policy.


GERMANY’s right wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) anti-Muslim immigration party is gaining a lot of support from a rather unexpected place: the Gay community.

It was only a matter of time until the Gay community began to understand that the biggest threat to their existence was coming from the rapidly-growing and virulently homophobic Muslim population in Germany – a population whose religion calls for the execution of homosexuals in the most horrific ways, such as throwing them off rooftops. Apparently, gays in Germany are beginning to experience this kind of hatred first hand.

CNN  Take the case of Karsten P who was nearly beaten to death by two Muslims. Police identified the attackers as two locally known Muslim extremists, who were NEVER arrested and later fled to Syria before they could be prosecuted. Below is a photo of Karsten’s eye after the attack:

After demanding answers from local prosecutors and the mayor’s office and not getting a response, Karsten turned to Germany’s right wing party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Karsten holds the metal implements (below) that held his face together following the attack:

Two surgeries later and fearful of being attacked again, the openly gay 52-year-old taxi driver — who doesn’t want to be identified because of concerns of another attack — avoids public spaces and always takes pepper spray with him. He and his partner have also been forced to move neighborhoods in the northwest German city of Bremen following mounting costs as a result of being injured.

“I went outside and saw someone kicking my partner’s head. I was trying to stop him and right at that moment, I got hit from the side,” Karsten recalls about the attack. “I kind of lost consciousness and when I got up again, I thought my partner was dead. He was all covered in blood and he didn’t move at all.”

Fresh in their minds, no doubt, was the horrific shooting attack in a Gay nightclub In Orlando, Florida by a local Muslim, Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people and injured more than 100.

Alice Weidel (below), openly gay woman raising children with her partner. Weidel, an economist, was brought in as the softer, moderating face of the party, but her campaign speeches show she can deliver an angry rant on Muslim immigration as well as her AfD peers. “I call myself a classic liberal,” she told Handelsblatt’s sister publication WirtschaftsWoche. “We need less state.”

Campaigning on a vociferously anti-Muslim immigration platform, the four-year-old AfD party now has seats in 13 of the country’s 16 state parliaments. It has proposed a ban on mosque minarets and cutbacks on migration, from within the European Union and beyond, while its party manifesto says that “Islam does not belong in Germany.”

People like Karsten and Sven aren’t alone in supporting the party. There is even a German term for gay support of the far right: “homonationalism.” A 2016 survey from “MEN,” a monthly magazine for gay men, showed that 17% of respondents openly supported the AfD, higher than the national average.

Alex Tassis, the man who is now responsible for the AfD’s gay outreach, heads up Alternative Homosexuals, the AfD group that represents the LGBT community.

A gay immigrant from Greece, Tassis says he strongly believes that “Islamization” is a threat to Germany and Europe and that the AfD will soon become the most popular party among gay men. And it’s clear he views the LGBT community as an overlooked source of votes this election.

No longer can leftist parties in Germany like the Social Democrats (below) take the gay vote for granted. When it becomes life and death vs ideology, the logical choice is the party that respects life, and the AfD is the only party fighting against the Islamization of Germany.

“I don’t like everything the AfD say,” Karsten says, “but this is too dangerous for gay people to live openly here, if we get attacked like that. We need a party that’s talking openly about this and willing to stand by us.”

“We can agree to disagree on the same sex marriage issue but we agree with each other on security.”


UK: Islamic terror-related arrests have increased by 68% in just one year.


Arresting Muslim terrorists is a good thing, but it doesn’t solve the root of the problem.

Arrest every last Muslim terrorist in Britain and you still won’t be safe. The real threat is Islam. Period.

In the UK, white Christians will a minority by 2066, even if Muslim immigration levels don’t rise.

Islamic Takeover: Why Mass Immigration Signals ‘the End of Britain’


LONDON – Last week’s terror attack by a British-born Muslim proves again that a radical community exists within Britain. Its goal: create an Islamic nation. And there is a quieter force at work that will likely achieve that desire long before guns, bombs and violence.

This is not Karachi. It’s London.

Britain’s policy of mass immigration has brought what one expert calls “demographic upheaval” to the United Kingdom that could change almost everything.

“Finis Britanniae”  The End of Britain

It’s now a demographic certainty. Someday the white native English will be a minority in their own country, including the native Welsh and the Scots.

It’s just a matter of when.

Professor David Coleman is a supernumerary fellow in human sciences and university professor in demography at Oxford. He’s has written that uncontrolled immigration could lead to “finis Britanniae.”

“Which simply means the end of Britain, and by that, I mean the end of Britain as we know it,” Coleman said.

“The point I was making is the change in the number of people and particularly the change in the origins of people, in their religion, in their cultural background, would make Britain unrecognizable compared with the present time,” he said.

Immigration can strengthen a nation. But several western nations, including the United States, are debating the wisdom of large-scale immigration from the Islamic world. And experts wonder what will happen as Muslim numbers continue to grow in officially Christian Britain.

In the dystopian masterpiece Children of Men, ethnic division and civil war wracks Britain in 2027. Armed Muslim gangs fight a government that is hunting down and deporting immigrants while trying to maintain order.

Britain’s future is not likely to be this violent, but it may not be peaceful either.

When the Christian activist group Britain First took large crosses through Luton’s Bury Park last year, angry Muslims confronted them.

MUSLIM MAN: It’s our country.

WHITE MAN: It’s your country, is it, yeah?

MUSLIM MAN: Yeah mate, it’s our country.

WHITE WOMAN It’s a Christian country.

MUSLIM MAN: It’s not a Christian country.

WHITE WOMAN Yes it is.

MUSLIM MAN: It’s not a Christian country, mate….You’re jealous. You’re jealous that we’re taking over.

MUSLIM WOMAN: The Muslims will take over. Watch.

Urban areas are becoming increasingly Islamic whereas rural area are becoming increasingly English, and there’s a retreat away from these two populations. That’s the future.

Policy analyst George Igler says he does believe it will take 40 or 50 years before the native British are a minority.

“This is a nonsense. It’s going to be much sooner. And more importantly, when you look at places like Luton. When you look at the experience of women in Cologne. We already have a window into what this future will be like. It’s going to violence and sexual violence against non-Muslims. It’s going to be insistence on Sharia Law,” Igler said.

Drastic Changes on the Horizon

Professor Coleman, who stressed he is not anti-Muslim but is simply looking at statistics, nevertheless said the changes could be drastic.

“There are strong currents in Muslim society which wish to see Muslim approaches to diet, to marriage and would like to see Sharia Law incorporated formally into British Law or in respect to some extremist groups would like to see Sharia Law replace British Law,” he said.

More than a half million non-British citizens immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2016. European Union rules prevented Britain from stopping migration from within Europe, but that brought European migrants.

Coleman says Brexit, Britain’s exit from the E.U., will not necessarily stop the influx of immigrants from non-European Islamic nations.

‘England Is Not Going to be England Anymore’

Great Britain was a factory for Muslim terrorists long before last week’s attack on Westminister Bridge by a British-born Muslim. At least 850 British citizens have left the U.K. to join ISIS.

“Look, we have around 100 Sharia courts in this country. We’re the only western country with a functioning network of Sharia tribunals and councils. They’re dealing with marriages, divorce, even with criminal matters. They’re marrying children,” said Anne Marie Waters, from Sharia Watch.

If demographic trends continue, British schools will change when most of the pupils are from non-British backgrounds, as will British foreign policy and military alliances.

“England is not going to be England anymore,” Igler says.

In its street protests against the Islamization of Britain, the English Defence League used to sing ‘we want our country back.’ If current demographic trends continue, it may be too late for that.

Funny Just How Some Things Work.


London’s Grenfell Tower burned in 2017 and Dubai’s Torch Tower (real name) burned in 2015. A Shanghai apartment building was also consumed top to bottom in 2010. The next day, all three remained standing upright.

By Pepe Kekster

Seems like every single high-rise fire before or after 9/11 never resulted in a total catastrophic collapse, due to fires. Funny how the news media neglects to mention any of this. Remember, 9/11’s Building 7 was never hit by any plane and came down right into it’s own footprint within seconds exactly like a controlled demolition.

If you pay the least attention, all your 9/11 documentaries toe the official government/globalist media line. Same thing over Pearl Harbor and JFK’s assassination. Of course, all that’s in-between continuous anti-Nazi/Hitler, White racism down through ages and pro-Diversity and pro-Immigration stories. But I wonder why we never have any documentaries on how money is created or how the Federal Reserve works? Or how about the attack on the USS Navy ship Liberty by Israel on June 8th, 1967?

Hmmm, maybe we can connect a few dots, huh?

On 9/11 three, count ’em, three collapsed on one day. Methinks something awful fishy is going on.