The second of two men arrested in connection with Friday morning’s Parsons Green London tube network attack has been named as 21-Year-Old Syrian MUSLIM migrant, Yahyah Farouk.

Breitbart  The Syrian MUSLIM migrant — who has been reported to have been fostered by the same British couple who also cared for a number of refugees including the 18-year-old male presently being held as the prime suspect — is thought to have lived in the UK for over four years.

Damascus-origin Yahyah Farouk was arrested outside a Halal fried chicken shop Aladdins in Hounslow, reports The Times.

The Syrian’s Facebook profile included a number of pictures around central London including one of the London Eye tourist attraction with an Arabic phrase from the quran which translated as “And God would not punish them when they asked forgiveness”, said the paper.

The bomb is just the latest in a series of such attacks, predominantly committed by Muslim migrants, which have struck Europe over the course of 2017.

As predicted, the unnamed 18-year-old bucket bomber is a MUSLIM migrant from Iraq, who came to the UK at age 15.

SKY News Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council Ian Harvey, whose ward is Sunbury East, said the 18-year-old who has been held is understood to be an Iraqi Muslim migrant who had moved to Britain when he was 15.

The younger man is suspected of planting the device, which exploded on a District Line train in London on Friday morning, injuring 30 people. He and the other man, Yahyah Farouk, reported to be from Syria, are being questioned by police on suspicion of offenses under the Terrorism Act.