Charlottesville: Us Whites are Totally Getting Screwed.


Pro-White speaker (I believe his name is Richard Spencer) being forced away from the lawful public gathering (as a judge ruled earlier) by Virginia State Police in full-on black riot gear. He never had a chance to address us openly. I couldn’t have been more than fifty feet away from this scene and saw him arriving with his bros a little earlier.

By Phillip Marlowe

First off: I wasn’t at the location when the car crashed into those people. Didn’t see it. I was probably on my way out at the time. I believe I passed the place only minutes before. The police were lined up off in the distance marching down the street in my direction. I think they forced the leftys into a crowd that spilled up into a side street where they were hit. As I was leaving I heard them repeatedly chanting “F*CK the police, blah blah something, F*CK the police!”

Sadly ironic for the cops to run out us “evil White supremacists” and “Nazis” who have always been law and order kind of people; then have dirty lefty punks and militant blacks give them hell. I know the lefty media would act all sarcastic about me saying “law and order people” but it’s absolutely true. I witnessed the pro-White demonstrators there doing everything they could to make it a peaceful event. But if someone physically attacks you, what are YOU going to do? Just take it up the keister and smile?

I think the poor guy (he was only 20) who crashed his car into those people was scared completely out of his wits.* The leftys were totally insane — a malevolent, thuggish mob — contrary to how the lefty media wants you to think. It was a truly frightening scene to behold, whomever you are. I was there.

I saw all kinds of violent leftys and blacks (who you could see were loving every minute of it) attacking us pro-Whites, or even merely history buffs, with pepper spray, mace, smoke bombs, flares, throwing sticks and things of which I have no idea. I had them wildly screaming in my face as I walked down the middle of the main street all alone (Market street), with my head held high and my half Confederate/half Virginia State flag partially unfurled at march angle before me. But none of the little bastards had any real guts.

One squat little lezbo did spit in my face when she had a bunch of fellow ANTIFA psychos around to protect her. She fully deserved a swift punch to the kisser but I calmly and proudly kept walking on. One day the ugly bitch will remember my face and what she did to a fellow White.

This other short little punk with a “Black Lives Matter” shirt and a scraggly dirty beard said something to me as I walked by. Turning to face him, I asked “what do you want to do about it?” He nervously blurted out something like “want to fight?” while jerking his scrawny arms around like he was such a tough guy. I stood there for a moment waiting to see if he would make his move. He motioned to me to follow him off to the side, to an alleyway where I could see numerous of his bros congregated. I just walked off, while checking my six. I didn’t want to get jumped by overwhelming numbers with no help from cops (they were too busy running us pro-Whites off) or anyone else.

If the little coward wasn’t going to do something right then and there in the middle of the street in front of the cameras by his little a-hole self, then forget it. I knew I could have easily cleaned the punk’s clock.

Let’s get this straight: The lefty ANTIFAS were the ones who totally instigated the violence. No doubt about it. I was right there in front of the statue of the great Robert E. Lee from 9 in the morning on. I saw the leftys attacking us in large groups from the street (where they roamed at will), throwing all kinds of crap — sometimes real crap from what I’ve been told. I got hit square by a pepsi or coke bottle that exploded in my face and drained down all over my shirt and sunglasses hanging around my neck.

The pro-Whites were indeed peaceful and controlled — at least until the lefty’s assaulted our police fenced-off area. The media narrative is totally a big fat lie.

The State police did absolutely NOTHING to stop the leftys.† They retreated to the rear and just stood there twiddling their thumbs. Then they ran US out. And forcing us in the direction of the violent leftys no less. I couldn’t believe this. I screamed “TRAITORS!” to their faces while they marched towards us in lockstep, pepper spraying at us as they went along. And we did nothing to them at all! I never meant the word “TRAITORS” more in my entire life. The word angrily welled up inside me like a sword from heaven.

They should be completely ashamed and from what I could see, almost all of them were fellow Whites.

I’m hugely proud of my White heritage. I had an ancestor who died in Robert E. Lee’s brave ragtag Army of Northern Virginia. None of my ancestors had any slaves (they were quakers and poor country people). No way was I going to sit idly by as they attacked this man. Lee was one of the finest men this country has ever produced. Without a doubt. A Virginian, too. For them to take down his statue is a slap to the face of ALL Whites.

Right now the traitorous lefty media is attacking us pro-Whites who demonstrated as the evil ones responsible. Barely a word on how the leftys and ANTIFA people (undoubtedly financed by George Soros front groups) acted. It’s hugely obvious what the real (((status quo))) wants this country to think.

Then they attacked Trump for trying to sound somewhat fair simply by saying there was violence among all parties. The hypocrite left-wing media can’t even accept that. What David Duke (who they always preface “former KKK grand wizard and holocaust denier”) said in his tweet about us White Americans putting him in office is absolutely true. The media even says that. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria just the other night pronounced Trump’s win over Hillary was due to UNEDUCATED Whites.

Us “ignorant” Whites are now the evil terrorists. That’s exactly what the lefty media wants you to think. They are clearly in a “PSYOPS” war against our race. I didn’t see any pro-White demonstrators torching any campus buildings, local businesses and cars like blacks and leftys do at the drop of a hat. Think about that city of Charlottesville and that fat-faced, PC lefty governor and Hillary supporter, Terry McAuliffe!

The media pounced on Trump’s statement and Duke’s tweet like it somehow proved evil collusion once again. They hate Trump. It’s long been extremely obvious.

On the long drive home, I ruminated on the matter. Sure, I was depressed at first. Us pro-Whites peacefully went out to demonstrate against the removal of the Lee statue numbered around a couple thousand or so, from what I could see. The leftys on the streets were maybe the same, spread out along a wider area (surrounding us in the streets). Does that mean it’s really equal? No, for every radical lefty like that, there’s 20 pro-White conservatives silently out there. At least. But because of “PC,” only much less than a single one are willing to make the effort to speak out and openly demonstrate in defense of our race.

At least for the time being.

*I think the cops created the situation where the young guy crashed his car into the crowd by forcing the leftys back down Market street, congregating them into a crowd that quickly spread down the side streets. The hilly area is very confusing with narrow streets branching off and you don’t really know the best way out (I managed, but literally had to walk the lefty gauntlet back to my car).

He probably turned down the side street trying to find some way back out to the interstate and panicked when he saw the crazed leftys. There may even have been a group of them approaching his car from another side street and he floored it without looking (it was downhill — easy to misjudge distances). He might also have been violently assaulted earlier before getting back to his car. They will hang this poor guy as evil incarnate, while any black victims will get a nice ghetto lottery payout from the state. You watch.

†While watching and cellphone videoing a couple of Whites writhing in pain (getting helped by friends) from pepper spray from the state police, I saw a platoon-sized contingent of militarized SWAT police dressed up in head-to-toe multicam camo, helmets, body armor and automatic weapons right off a side street on the north side of the monument. These were definitely cops or maybe even soldiers, but NOT any pro-White groups (state police were standing around among them). In fact, they were only a handful of pro-White demonstrators packing any heat. For the record: I didn’t have so much as a little pen knife on me.

Author: redwhiteandbluesite

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