Did Lefty Gov Set The Stage For Charlottesville Chaos?


A smug Terry McAuliffe sporting a Hillary pin. The guy is well-known in the state as a big political opportunist. It’s tricky-dick creeps like this who are fully behind destroying the White race. Folks: We’ve got some serious rats out there!

By Phillip Marlowe

I was there. They did this. They clearly caused the whole thing.

After ruminating over what I saw for the last couple of days, and typing up my initial first hand account, I now fully believe the chaos and violence on the ground were purposefully allowed to happen by the Virginia State Police under orders from the left-winger governor and former DNC chair, Terry McAulliffe. We all saw just how he milked the whole tragedy for the leftist anti-Trump media with news conferences as militant blacks and rabbis stood smilingly behind him. What a punk!

I hope I’m not the only one to suspect he was behind it all. Oh, I know I’ll have people say “you’re just being a big tin foil hat conspiracy freak boy.” No, I’m not. It was real, I saw the whole thing myself.

I was over on the southwest corner of the park, on the side facing Market street when the leftys were invading our supposedly set-aside “protected” area (what a laugh). I distinctly remember this one crazy-looking black guy happily smiling away as he pepper sprayed at us along with other blacks excitedly jumping around like Mau-Maus in deepest, darkest Africa. Lefty ANTIFA allies were all over the place throwing crap. It was just like a battle scene. I looked over to my left (eastwards towards the statue of Lee) and the State police in riot gear just stood there, doing absolutely nothing.


Video Player

Warning: Language.

At some point, after a lot of confusing back and forth, our side abandoned the position. Pro-White organizers pulled us back in the vain attempt to peacefully defuse the situation. You can hear them telling us to move back in my cellphone video above. Most of the real bad stuff from the leftys I couldn’t record with my little cellphone — I was too busy trying to survive! Our people were simply trying to protect ourselves and exercise our right to free speech. Just think it out!

Someone behind grabbed me by my olive drab Tactical Tailor backpack drag handle and roughly pulled me out of the fray (thanks, whomever, for saving me). I made it over to the right flank (facing the enemy hordes out in the street). I saw some people leaving the park over at the northwest corner — right there on Market street where all the leftys were at, which I couldn’t understand. Perhaps a cordon was set up to protect us from attack? But there was none at all, I soon found out.

Us pro-Whites and Robert E. Lee supporters (evil White supremacists, KKK and Neo-Nazis as the media calls us every second) were on our own!

This was where I came in at that morning. There was a White guy on the ground right under a tree writhing in pain from getting hit with pepper spray.

At this point, the ground at the park falls off a little. Say about 6 feet. There was a side street there, with police cordon fences facing the main street. Black uniformed State policemen were down in there, casually walking around like they were at a boring cocktail party. I also think I saw City of Charlottesville police, too.

Nearby, I saw at least 15 men fully dressed in Multicam camo, with helmets and M4 assault rifles hanging down across the front with military grade Magpul straps off their body armor — exactly like our boys off fighting for Israel hegemony in the Mideast. These were probably SWAT, but I don’t know.

I heard something going on behind me. I turned around and there’s a line of State police in full riot gear with their arms locked together marching slowly downhill, away from Lee’s statue towards Market street. They were pepper spraying in our direction as they went.

They were clearly under orders to force us out into the street where the leftys were at. I had heard absolutely nothing on the police bullhorns so far, but at this point I heard them say “this has been declared an unlawful assembly, you are to leave the park immediately or face arrest.” This was sometime before noon — when the whole thing was scheduled to begin with. I had heard the gathering was ruled legal by a judge, which apparently meant nothing. The media certainly didn’t report that pertinent fact.

It was probably a backroom set-up — with us as the target!

There was now a second guy on the ground after being hit with pepper spray, his bros frantically washing down his face with water or milk — I couldn’t see.

Angrily, I walked up at the line of riot gear police advancing slowly. I screamed “TRAITORS!” at the top of my voice. They were no more than 10 yards in front of me. In the back of my mind, I realized I could get a blast of pepper spray to the face, too. One of them to my right, was spraying in our direction indiscriminately. I think this was warning shots to hurry us along. I scanned the faces behind the plexiglass front pieces — all of them seemed to be White guys. Maybe even guys I rubbed elbows with at a NASCAR race. This made me shout “TRAITORS!” once again.

At this point, I had to leave the park down through the northwest corner entrance steps. I had no idea what might await me. I didn’t really care because I was so upset and flummoxed by seeing what the traitor White cops did to us. They truly screwed us over. Big time.

I could see leftys were everywhere and not a cop to be seen. But they didn’t lay a hand on me yet, other than rude cat-calls about “the South losing again, muthafugger.” This pissed me off totally as you can well imagine, but I kept my cool and my head held high.

I could see a huge commotion going on a couple of blocks to the north down Market street. Although I don’t really know, I believe this is where most of the cleverly edited video footage seen in the media happened. If you pay attention, they only use the clips where it shows us “evil White supremacists” fighting back (or attacking, you don’t really know, now do you?). I assure you, the leftists were the ones freely attacking us without the least fear of arrest. I’m certain our side was only fighting to make it out of there in one piece.

It was completely obvious the police cared nothing about any of us pro-Whites — exercising our right to free speech. What a joke that turned out to be.

I slowly made my way in that direction. For what reasons, I don’t know. Probably to rejoin my comrades — undoubtedly under furious assault from all sides.

I saw some guys over on my right dressed in all Multicam from head-to-toe. With MICHR bulletproof helmets, body armor and AR-style weapons, covered in camo, too (this is a sign they dig the total look). I wanted to see exactly who they were, so I slunk off to the side a little to blend into the shadows of a building. They were holed up in a sunken patio/alleyway type area where a couple of them were being helped like they were hurt by thrown rocks or pepper sprayed.

I looked at their patches and weapons. One had a cool as hell compact something, in urban blue camo with a open ridge thing down the top center of the gun. No, these were not SWAT. These were what is called “THREE PERCENTERS.” These “patriot” folks are kind of like allies, but don’t really get the “JEW QUESTION” or just try to stay away from the subject, because of PC, I think. They mostly dig the military stuff angle, which I do as well, so I’m familiar with the accoutrements.

An older one with longish gray hair (and a beard I think) was yelling at his bros about packing up their gear and getting out together. I watched as they poured up out of the patio area, into the street, helping along their wounded. I carefully observed the patches on their body armor and weapons. Yep, it was patriot types. Hard to tell apart from the SWAT team over by the park, because of Multicam being so popular.

They made their way across the street in a nicely executed special forces kind of “EGRESS.” One of them walked backwards, keeping careful cover on their six, while leftys surrounded the group and screamed crap. They soon disappeared off down a side street.

It was kind of ironic, I noted. Here’s guys armed to the teeth but completely defenseless in a way. This was definitely some weird, alternate reality.

I walked back on the main street, going north. What the hell was I doing? I still don’t know. My big half Confederate/half Virginia state flag was mostly furled, but a couple of feet of the front Confederate section still hung down — easily seen as a rebel flag by the leftys. I also had on a “CS” or Confederate States tan ball cap with small rebel flags on the sides, that my brother bought for me when he visited Gettysburg a few years ago. I wore a black NRA tee shirt (but the logo was small on the front pocket) he also once gave me as a present.

If I bought the farm, at least my brother could ID my beaten, grossly swollen corpse from what I was wearing. I know that sounds dramatic, but I really didn’t give it any thought that morning when I hurriedly dressed to get on the road. It’s basically the kind of thing I wear all the time anyway, even though I do have some cool bow hunting camo in Natural Gear. Multicam is expensive and I really don’t want to look like any Zionist “Shabbos Goyim” soldiers.

I stayed to the middle of the road, right smack dab on the striping. Lefty crowds were to my right and left, mostly not doing anything but making a few cackling cat-calls that I ignored. Maybe I was invisible? Like that old injun guy in the movie “Little Big Man” when Custer’s evil White man cavalry attacked the Injun camp — slaughtering the poor indigenous peoples for no reason.

Perhaps I looked just ambiguous enough to survive the lefty gauntlet?

I got 2 or 3 blocks up Market street. In the distance, I could see a line of black uniformed riot police forming up across the street, working their way in my direction. I believe this was what that forced the leftys to the south, bunching them up — making them a big fat target for the pissed-off or panicky driver of that Dodge Challenger. I could hear the leftys repeatedly chanting “F*CK the police” and something else I couldn’t make out.

I believed all the pro-Whites had already left and I was pretty much alone at that point. I figured I had better make my own “egress” and toot suite! I did a one eighty and started walking south — back to where my car was parked.

This was when a little squat ugly lezbo spit in my face. Boy, was I smack dab in enemy territory! Not much further on, some dirty little punk in a “Black Lives Matter” tee challenged me to a fight. Fat black sheboons off to the side yelled crap at me. But I’m just big enough to keep any at bay. If I got jumped, I would become a whirling dervish and I guarantee that I would putting a hurting on at least a few before going down with the count.

The lefty crowds thankfully thinned out. The road ran slightly uphill and what I thought was a media photographer asked if he could take my picture since you could see the lined up cops off in the distance. I turned around and also noted his clever artistic composition, but tiredly told him “no, I’ve had enough for one day.”

I passed a parking garage where a few sullen leftys congregated out front and police cars where parked out in the street. I worked my way cautiously through the leftys on the sidewalk. I passed a police station, too, where some strange looking men stood around, suspiciously eyeballing me as I walked past. They looked like cops dressed as leftys. Odd. Most likely embedded assets, or maybe even “agent provocateurs” as I believe the commies called them.

A short walk later, I was back at my car at the corner of 7th street. I had managed to find a primo location early in the morning when I first arrived.

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